Denton vs. Fresno


Well, I’ve been in Fresno for about three days now- and already it’s been interesting to process living here vs. living in Denton… Here’s just a few of the similarities and differences that have hit me thus far…

SIMILARITIES: (both cities have)

  • A college-based epicenter
  • A young city trying to grow, surrounded by agricultural farmlands
  • Relatively similar climates (a little cooler at night here)
  • A neighboring town named “Sanger”
  • Chick-Fil-A!
  • Denton has Fuzzy’s / Fresno has Wahoo’s
  • Denton has Taco Bueno / Fresno has Del Taco
  • Denton BBQ specializes in Brisket / Fresno has Tri-Tip
  • Denton has ’emissions’ tests / Fresno has ‘smog’ tests
  • A conservative, religious/republican base (at least as far as California can go)


  • Blue Bell!!!
  • Tex-Mex (fresno has ‘fresh-mex’)
  • NY Sub
  • Super Wal-Mart’s, Super Target’s, &  Super Home Depot’s (Frenso only has small, regular ones)
  • Cheaper gas ($2.19 when I left Denton / $2.65 avg. in Fresno)
  • Cheaper cost of living
  • Allergies (at least worse ones)
  • Thunderstorms
  • My family (of course)


  • Connectivity to beautiful geography (mountains, beach, national parks)
  • Roads that have one name and head in one direction
  • In-N-Out Burger!
  • Collegians that actually stick around here after college
  • Bicycle lanes on just about every road
  • Christmas Tree Lane (fired up about this!)
  • Palm trees & fresh vegetable markets everywhere (Grapes galore!)
  • Higher speed limits

Honestly, Fresno feels a lot like Denton… It’s about 5x’s bigger than Denton- but has the same small town feel. I definitely miss my family and friends back in ‘little D’- but thus far am adjusting fairly well to life out on the west coast. Tiff and the girls fly out on Wednesday, so I look forward to having them here with me soon!


~ by Shea Sumlin on June 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Denton vs. Fresno”

  1. You have to miss the wonderful city of Denton!
    I cracked up when I read: Collegians that actually stick around here after college. We experience the same thing!

  2. Shea-

    I can’t believe I had to get on Facebook to realize you’ve moved to Fresno. No wonder I didn’t see you around denton before Michelle and I made our own move to Temple. Anyway, what I wanted to say, is that you have had an incredibly large impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for your time and dedication to what God has called you to. God used you to change my life in a huge way, and I know you’ve got a lot of Californians to influence.

    Thank you so much.

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