Welcome to College


Here’s a book that was recommended to me by my friend, Mr. Judd Rumley.  I find it interesting that on the last leg of my 17 years of being involved in college ministry, this book decides to get published 🙂 – but thus far, this has been the best book I’ve read in helping students prepare (theologically & practically) for their college years.

This book addresses just about every scenario today’s students are facing in college (from dating to academia to liberal professors who preach evolution to movies to finances to alcohol to evangelism to relativism to manhood to womanhood to experiencing the death of loved ones while in college to God’s will, etc…) – but mainly it just teaches students how to THINK through those issues using a Christian worldview. Thank you Jonathan Morrow for writing this!

If you’re a student in college, preparing for college, or a parent with a kid headed into college at some point… then you need to read this book. 

CLICK HERE to review and/or purchase this book now.


~ by Shea Sumlin on April 15, 2009.

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