“Young Guns” Program 2009

Well, for all of you men who were sad that Tom Nelson’s program ended a couple years ago, fear not… for Tom’s Program will resume in the fall of ’09.  Tom and others on staff will be teaching a year-long program designed to equip men in a better understanding of their bible, leadership development, evangelism, discipleship, etc… “The Program” will be structured as follows:

8am-10am :: Church History w/ John Brown

8am-9am :: Systematic Theology w/ Charles Stolfus
9am-10am :: OT & NT w/ Tom Nelson

7pm-9pm :: Misc. Biblical & Ministerial Topics w/ Church Staff

8am-9am :: Systematic Theology w/ Charles Stolfus
9am-10am :: OT & NT w/ Tom Nelson

The only primary difference between this program and the program from earlier years, is that this program will be specifically aimed at men who are considering the idea of pursuing vocational ministry.  It will be a 1-year program that will run from September to May.  For men who decide they do want to pursue vocational ministry at the end of the program- an additional year of interning at the church will be offered for hands-on experience (so, it could turn into a 2-year program for guys who want more… just an option).

All those interested need to apply through Charles Stolfus at cstolfus@dentonbible.org

For those of you considering other possible post-grad equipping options, just check out the seciton on the side-bar (bottom right of this page) entitled “Post-Grad Training.”


~ by Shea Sumlin on December 17, 2008.

One Response to ““Young Guns” Program 2009”

  1. Wow. So glad they are bringing this back, it was such an awesome experience and I hope it continues to be a traditon at DBC.

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