My Life in Shirts…

I thought this would be fun to post… Like many of you, I’ve worn my fair share of t-shirts in my lifetime.  And after having a closet full of them (along with bags in the attic), I decided to have them redeemed for another purpose.  I took all the t-shirts I’ve had from high school, youth group, my first job, basketball, College Life, UNT, Fraternity, and others… and I had my mom make a blanket out of them.  In fact, I had so many she made two. And sadly, I probably still have enough to make two more.

It’s amazing how a screen-printed piece of fabric can sum up so much of your life.  Much love to my mom for hand-stitching each one of these pieces.

~ by Shea Sumlin on July 5, 2008.

One Response to “My Life in Shirts…”

  1. Shea:
    It was a work of love and it brought back a few memories.

    Love you,

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