Transform Denton

Just wanted to kick out a great opportunity for any of you in the Denton area… Come partner with the Village church for their third annual summer long Local Missions project, Transform! School facilities are the focus of the work projects to build relationships with administrators, teachers and students. The event is intended to motivate participants to build mentoring relationships with students and families that will last throughout the year. The dates are Saturday July 12 and August 2 in Denton. Use your gifts and interests to build relationships and serve the local community.

Calhoun Middle School
709 W. Congress St.
Denton, TX 76201

To register, visit:


Transforming schools, transforming lives
By Austin Higgins

Imagine sitting in your home and the phone rings. You pick it up and someone tells you that they would love to come over to your house and clean it. They say they want to mow your lawn, cook for you, fix your roof and clear out your gutters. As soon as you hang up the phone, a group of complete strangers come over and do exactly what they promised. What would your reaction be?

“There is no other way to say it. It is a blessing,” said Vice-Principal Obie Esquival from Hedrick Elementary School in Lewisville concerning this year’s Transform.

Over a thousand Village members and attendees are pouring into the lives and communities of three schools this summer: Rice Elementary in Dallas, Hedrick Elementary in Lewisville and Calhoun Middle School in Denton.

When asked about the kind of impact Transform is having on Hedrick Elementary School, vice principal Esquival said, “I was amazed at how all these people came to help this school. [They] helped us out in every way. Everyone was pumped and so excited to contribute to the school. It is a real benefit to utilize the space.”

Volunteers worked in many areas around the school. A major transformation at Hedrick Elementary was with the outdoor patio. Esquival says that with the cleaning done at the school, the area can be used to teach environmental science more effectively because they will have a place outside to teach.

This year faculty and staff from each school were invited to work alongside Village volunteers. “[The teachers] are very excited about the transformation of the school. Little things mean a lot to them,” said Esquival.

Even though it is still the summer, the students are already very excited about the transformation. “[The students] are so proud of their school and happy to see so many new faces at their school. It was nice for them to see [the volunteers] there,” Esquival said.

Vice Principal Esquival has felt the impact personally. His reaction to all the people giving so completely of themselves was, “they are so giving and so thoughtful. It has been so phenomenal. They were perfect. You have to see it and experience it.”

While still in the middle of this summer’s Transform, lives have been changed and communities are literally being transformed. Esquival summed it up best, “It is overwhelming seeing people come to our school being so friendly and so nice, bringing a new home to our school. So many people from so many walks of life at our little school working for a common cause. It was amazing.”

Two more Transform dates remain: July 12 and August 2. For more information or to register, go to


~ by Shea Sumlin on July 1, 2008.

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