Video Games in America…

video games 

The ESA (Essential Software Association) recently released their 2007 annual report on the computer and video game industry, and the statistics are quite interesting (and very telling about our American culture). 

Here’s some of the statistics mentioned…

  • 67% of American’s play computer or video games
  • 33% of all homes in America have a video game console
  • The average gamer is 33 years old (24% are over 50 years old)
  • 62% of players are male / 38% female
  • Games sold by Genre: 27% Action, 17% sports, 10% racing, 10% shooter
  • Top-Selling Video Game in ‘o6 = “Madden ’07”
  • Top-Selling Computer Game in ’06 = “World of Warcraft”
  • 55% of parents believe that video games are a positive part of their children’s lives
  • 51% of gamers play online (up from 19% in 2000)
  • 34% of gamers play on wireless devices (handheld PDA’s, etc…)
  • The Industry sold over $7.4 Billion in ’06

You can read the full report HERE. One thing to mention, is that this report doesn’t include ALL video game companies (only some of the major ones)… so these stats are a little lower than the total average in America. 

One statistic not found in this report, is the amount of time the average collegian spends playing video games.  A consumer report given last year estimated that the average collegian spends over 21 hours a week playing video games (compared to 7.6 hours/wk for the avergae American).  

One thing for sure, we are some money-spending, time-wasting, video-playin’ junkies! Add in Television viewing, and it’s a wonder we get anything done in a given week.



~ by Shea Sumlin on January 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Video Games in America…”

  1. Random FYI: The “bored in the dorm” link in your sidebar seems to be messed up.

  2. Thanks, I forgot we took down that site. Thanks for letting me know.

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