Two Good Reads…

Here’s two good books that I just finished reading…

Fabric of This World

In The Fabric of This World, Lee Hardy deals with the issue of work and vocation and how God has designed work to not only accomplish the good of society, but also it’s design to be used for the sacred. This is a good compliment to The Other Six Days, by R. Paul Stevens.

Decision Making

In Decision Making and the Will of God, Garry Friesen does a very thorough job of investigating the idea of discerning the will of God and how one can cultivate a life of decision-making based upon biblical wisdom. This is a good compliment to The Call, by Os Guinness.

While good for anyone heading out into the world where hard decisions need to be made about life and ministry, I specifically encourage any of our collegians to pick up a copy of each of these and dive in. 


~ by Shea Sumlin on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “Two Good Reads…”

  1. I’m excited to check out your recommendations- I love this subject matter and it never ceases to challenge me. You mention The Call, by Os Guinness and that book changed my life this summer. I second your recommendation of that book and I’ll even lend it out if anyone wants to borrow ours! It really challenges the idea of a heirarchy of careers, and asserts that each of us have a general calling that we are responsible for, in addition to our specific calling that might be revealed later on in our lives.

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