RA Opportunity…

RA Poster

Here’s another GREAT missional opportunity / job for any student who is interested…

Right now, applications are being taken for RA jobs on the UNT campus.  Not only do you get free room and board and a $138 a month stipend… but you also get the opportunity to be more involved on campus, lead and influence all those living on your wing, and build credibility with the University.  It’s a great way to serve the Lord while also serving the campus! If you’re interested in considering this opportunity, you can find more information online at http://housing.unt.edu/housing/rapa/

The deadline to apply is October 19th! So you need to act soon!

I would love it if as many of our people as possible could take these jobs! I don’t care if it’s folks from College Life, the Village, Cross Timbers, 1st Baptist- doesn’t matter.  It’d be great just to have as many solid believers as possible coming together and serving on campus in this capacity!

When I think about doing “college ministry” – what I do doesn’t even come close to this! We have RA’s, PA’s & Hall Director’s living in the dorms right now who are reaching these students for Christ in ways that I couldn’t even begin to reach!  How wonderful it would be if we had more of a presence right there in the middle of it all!

Anyway, at least pray about it and consider it!

(Poster designed by Philip Elliott)


~ by Shea Sumlin on October 2, 2007.

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