UNT/TWU Growing…


Here’s an interestinng article that just came out talking about the growing number of students at both UNT & TWU this fall…

Denton Record Chronicle Article

Below are also some statistical trends that I shared at our Fall Summit last month…


  • UNT is currently the 4th largest university in the state of Texas (behind UT, A&M, and U of Houston) with nearly 34,000 students
  • UNT is the fastest growing major University in Texas (per capita)
  • 56% of UNT students are female, 44% male
  • 68% of UNT is White, 12% African American, 11% Hispanic, 5% Asian
  • Of all 1st time students at UNT – 51% are true freshmen, 49% transferred from another school
  • 16% of students live on campus, 84% commute in for classes (roughly 60% of those commuting from outside Denton)
  • UNT’s residential population is expected to climb from 3,900 (fall 2006) to 5,500 (fall 2007)
  • 93% of UNT students are from Texas (65% Dallas, 22% Ft. Worth, 7% Houston)
  • While UNT is known for it’s Music & Art programs, the reality is 30% of UNT students are here for Arts & Sciences, 15% Business, 10.5% Education, 7% Communication, 6% Visual Arts, & 3% Music
  • There are over 60 religious organizations on the campus of UNT.  Roughly 10 of those would be considered evangelical Christian.  Only 5 of those are from a local church in the area. 
  • Out of nearly 34,000 students at UNT, only about 4% are actively involved in a solid, Gospel-centered, bible-teaching church
  • There are more students registered with the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society than there are in all UNT Christian Para-church organizations combined.  They also happen to have the largest student organization on the UNT network for Facebook
  • Until College Life became an official organization at UNT in 1995, “GLAD” (gay & lesbian) held the record for the largest student organization on campus. 
  • There are currently more Gay & Lesbian organizations at UNT than there are evangelical, local church college ministries


  • TWU is the largest University in the nation primarily for women (with 11,500 students)
  • TWU is the 4th fastest growing University in Texas
  • TWU is the 3rd most diverse school in Texas & 24th most diverse school in the nation (with 38% of enrollment as minorities)
  • TWU is the 5th largest nursing school in the country

~ by Shea Sumlin on September 17, 2007.

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