Missional Opportunity


As some of you may know, I’m a real big fan of “living where you minister.”  Geography is HUGE in terms of missional living.  In fact, the very essence of being a missionary involves going and living within the context of the culture you’re reaching- whether that be the jungles of Ecuador or the hay bales of Denton! 

When I think of all the ways that God could have chosen to reach us with His love, it baffles me to know that He chose to come and make His dwelling among us (John 1:14) as His primary means of ministering to us.  Likewise, we too, can’t minister by proxy.  We can’t hope to incarnate the Gospel message to those around us if we’re never visible, never available, or never around!  One of the most strategic things we can do is plant ourselves at the epicenter of the community we’re trying to reach.

I learned this many years ago when I made the decision to move into My Fraternity House, rather than moving into another apartment.  It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t cheap, and I definitely had days I wanted out… but I can look back now and say it was one of the most eternally rewarding decisions I could have made! The conversations I had, the relationships I built, the chance to be a salt and light in a dark place- I don’t regret it one bit!

Now I say all of this, because I want to make a plea for as many of our students as possible to consider a unique opportunity we have on a college campus… Some of y’all may absolutely cringe at the idea of moving back into the dorms and living on campus- but with over 5,500 students expected to live on campus at UNT this fall, and a couple thousand at TWU- it becomes one of the most needed ministries we have on our campuses!

Right now, applications are being taken for RA jobs on the UNT campus.  Not only do you get free room and board and a $138 a month stipend… but you also get the opportunity to be more involved on campus, lead and influence all those living on your wing, and build credibility with the University.  It’s a great way to serve the Lord while also serving the campus! If you’re interested in considering this opportunity, you can find more information online at http://housing.unt.edu/housing/rapa/

The deadline to apply is March 2nd! So you need to act fast!

I would love it if as many of our people as possible could take these jobs! I don’t care if it’s folks from College Life, the Village, Cross Timbers, 1st Baptist- doesn’t matter.  It’d be great just to have as many solid believers as possible coming together and serving on campus in this capacity!

When I think about doing “college ministry” – what I do doesn’t even come close to this! We have RA’s & Hall Director’s living in the dorms right now who are reaching these students for Christ in ways that I couldn’t even begin to reach!  How wonderful it would be if we had more of a presence right there in the middle of it all!

Anyway, at least pray about it and consider it!


~ by Shea Sumlin on February 22, 2007.

One Response to “Missional Opportunity”

  1. Thanks for the shout outs Shea. TAMS also is in need of RAs so if you are interested in working with High School students in a similar capacity as a normal RA please check out.



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