Halloweenies Recap…

I thought I’d catch everyone up on how Halloween went at the Sumlin household this evening…  As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we were utilizing this night as an opportunity to get to know our neighbors better and open up opportunities for spiritual conversations by serving them.

Well I’m thankful to report that tonight was incredible! The Lord truly blessed! In all, we had just under 300 trick-or-treater’s come by our house, so the candy was defintely flowing! My girls also had a blast dressing up and going around begging shamelessly for candy! But the greatest part was that around 75% the neighbors on our street took us up on our invitation and came over for some free halloweenies and boogers!

My wife and I got to meet tons of neighbors that we had never met before.  We were able to learn names, listen to their stories, and share our testimonies of how we came to faith as well! We even had 5 other couples (all of which, to my knowledge, are non-believers) ask if they could partner with us next year to do a more formal block party! A few of them even took us up on the offer to have them over for dinner sometime in the next couple of weeks! But person after person tonight, continually asked us why we were doing this- and it just gave us a great opportunity to share with them our desire to bless others because of how much we had been blessed by Jesus.

My wife and I were so humbled at God’s faithfulness tonight.  What a lesson it was to see what God can do if we only take the time to get on our knees in prayer for the people around us, and then take intentional steps to move towards them and get in their lives!  We’re super excited about some of the doors that are now open for the Gospel via the new relationships that were formed tonight. 

Y’all pray for us and the conversations that are yet to come with all of these people that we met tonight.  There’s a lot of work still to be done in my neighborhood, but in all, it was a great start for us tonight! I’ve already heard some great things from others in College Life who did similar things in their own spheres of influence this Halloween weekend! I’m excited to see what kind of fruit will come from these investments. 

Let’s continue to be incarnational in our approach to ministry.  Halloween is just one day.  We still have 364 days of opportunity throughout the year that we have been called to redeem as well!

Much love,



~ by Shea Sumlin on November 1, 2006.

One Response to “Halloweenies Recap…”

  1. An encouraging story! I love hearing about the starts of meaningful relationships.

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