Emergent Church, Marriages, & Mortgages

A few of you have been asking exactly what the “Emerging Church” is all about… While this subject is basically about how the church is responding (or not responding) to an ever-emerging culture (of our postmodern world)- this really becomes a super-complex issue to explain.  So I thought it would be best to provide a brief audio clip from John Piper explaining a general summary of the emerging church, as well as a few good books you can read on the subject. 

CLICK HERE for the Piper clip 

Below are some books that either explicitly address the subject matter of the emerging church or are frequently referenced by some of the leaders in the emerging church.  I’ve broken it up by some of the positive reads and some of the neutral or unhealthy reads that are our there… 

Healthy Takes on the Emerging Church:

  • The Emerging Church (Dan Kimball)
  • Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church (D.A. Carson)
  • Radical Reformission (Mark Driscoll)
  • Confessions of a Reformission Rev. (Mark Driscoll)
  • Organic Church (Neil Cole)
  • Revolution (George Barna)

Neutral or Unhealthy Takes on the Emerging Church:

  • Church in Emerging Culture (Brian McLaren & Various Authors)
  • A Generous Orthodoxy (Brian McLaren)
  • Velvet Elvis (Rob Bell)
  • Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller)
  • Church Re-Imagined (Doug Pagitt)

All these books are fairly helpful in addressing the culture we live in, styles and trends in the church, approach to ministry, loving people the way Jesus loved them, and the power of God to redeem people in our day and age.  However, the primary difference between the healthy books I mentioned and the neutral or unhealthy ones I mentioned, comes down to doctrine.  Some authors and leaders within the emerging church are able to effectively contextualize the Gospel into our culture WITHOUT watering down the Word or compromising the eternal truths of the Scripture- while others are more willing to renounce certain doctrinal truths in an attempt to be more “relevant” to the culutre. 


~ by Shea Sumlin on October 18, 2006.

4 Responses to “Emergent Church, Marriages, & Mortgages”

  1. Shea,

    While this comment is not entirely relevant to your latest post, I still find it very important. Many of us will be graduating in May, and most will be moving off. Besides word of mouth, do you know of any resources where we can research sound churches across Texas/U.S.?

  2. Ryan,

    If you look on the DTS website (www.dts.edu), there is a link that says “find a church” on the lefthand side (under Alumni & Supporters). When you click on this link, you will be able to enter a city name or a zip code for anywhere in the United States and you will get a list of all churches in that area with DTS grads on staff. When people call the DBC church office asking for church recommendations, that is where we refer them. It is at least a place you could start.


  3. Great, thanks for the help Rebecca!!!

  4. Hey, I appreciate all of the thought you and everyone in CollegeLife and DBC have put into all of the changes that have gone on this year. As I see all this, I am glad to see serious questioning with ears willing to listen about all of this postmodern/emergent discussion. I get really nervous about it as far as some of the doctrinal issues go with certain authors, but think that so much of this is valid due to the failure the church has had in getting out there to seriously love people. Thanks for the thoughts and resources.

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