Why I Blog…

Well, some of you may know that I am brand new to the public Blogging world.  6 months ago I would have called you a punk faced liar if you told me I would have my own blog site.  So now I’m the punk face I guess, cause here I am.

However, let me throw out a few clarifications concerning why I have chosen to blog and what this blog site will be about…

First of all, one of the things you won’t find me doing in this blog is wasting any of your valuable time (like so many other blogs do) by walking through all the boring details of my day, telling you what song I’m currently listening to, what book I’m currently reading, what socks I’m currently wearing, or what old memory I’m currently holding on to.

I try my best to live life in the real world with real people with which I can have real conversations, instead of opening up my life for a cyberspace counseling session in which random people can comment by telling me what songs they’d suggest I currently listen to.

I will also try to avoid publicly ranting about issues in a blog that I would otherwise never say to people in front of their face.  Blogs can be such an easy wall to hide behind, which allow us to appear stronger and smarter than we really are.

INSTEAD, what I hope you’ll find is some actual substance that you can hold on to.  Quite honestly, since I lead a such large ministry that carries a lot of influence, I often times have people who need me to publicly address issues, answer questions, or clarify comments that I have made.  So I decided a blog might be a helpful venue for that to happen. 

Throughout the week, I will address issues going on in our church and culture, clarify certain comments I made at Axcess, and answer any other questions that our students might have.  In addition, I will also try my best to help resource our students by presenting local service opportunties that are going on here in Denton or recommending valuable resources that can help folks wherever they are. 

So in other words, this blog is aimed at being a public resource, not a personal showcase!

So if you want to know what socks I’m currently wearing or hear what songs I’m currently playing on my iPod, then either e-mail me or call me- or better yet, let’s go grab some coffee somewhere and chat about it in person! But I ain’t blogging to the world about it.

Blog to you soon!



~ by Shea Sumlin on September 9, 2006.

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