Pep Rally Tonight…

So you may know UNT plays SMU this Saturday (9/9) at Fouts Field.  And you may know College Life will be throwing a tailgate party just before the game at 4pm in the student section of the parking lot.  BUT, did you know that there’s also a school wide pep rally tonight?

Now this isn’t your typical high school pep rally where you got formal permission to miss 1st period so you could gather in the main gym to cheer on your school’s track team to the theme of some backstreet boys song- no this is a whole other deal.

7pm @ Clark Park.  FREE food & drinks, prizes and giveaways, live bands, & guest speakers.  This is the first time UNT has tried this.  It could be lame, it could be the start of a nice tradition.  But either way, this will be a great opportunity for our ministry to come on out, support UNT football, meet new students, and help build some much needed bridges from our ministry to the campus. 

So don’t go home this weekend.  Don’t retreat back to some lame high school football game back in your hometown.  You’re at college now, so stay here and start making some deposits into this campus.  You can TiVo the UT/Ohio St. game and watch it at your own leisure.  You can re-connect with your old high school buddies some other time, but you won’t get this weekend back.  This is a great opportunity for us to be a salt and a light by engaging our campus.



~ by Shea Sumlin on September 8, 2006.

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  1. First comment. Yeah!

    Maybe sometime next week I can give you a hand with your site.

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